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A Study of Revelation

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Restored to Glory Dance Ministry makes it a priority every year to study the Word of God alongside our dance training.  Our studies coincide with the theme and story that we are preparing to tell through dance.  On this blog, you will find the same studies that are being taught in the weekly classes.  For more information on how this site works, click on “Continue Reading” below!

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Lesson 3 — Outline

When beginning the study of a book as vast and detailed as Revelation, it helps to get an overview of the book as a whole.  If you have not already done so, take time to read Revelation all the way through.  It is not long and will not be a difficult read.  Revelation is exciting!  Some of it reads almost like a fantasy novel with vivid depictions of strange and powerful beings, angelic warriors, and global wars.  And then there’s the ending!  The final victory will leave you longing for more!  So before doing anything else… READ REVELATION! Continue reading “Lesson 3 — Outline”

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near.
— Revelation 1:3

Lesson 2 — Tools for Interpretation

Prophecy is often mysterious, even to the prophets who receive it.  John frequently asked for interpretation of the signs he was seeing in his vision.  So if even John was seeking help to interpret, how are we supposed to understand it 2000 years later?  Can we understand Revelation?

Can we understand Revelation?

The short answer is “yes”.  Revelation is MEANT to be read and understood.  In chapter 22:10, the angel communicating with John says, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll.”  The message of Revelation is not meant to be “sealed up” from us.  Jesus gave the message to John intending that it be heard and understood by His people! Continue reading “Lesson 2 — Tools for Interpretation”

“Revelation proclaims hope–hope made possible by Christ’s victory, hope that brings comfort to the faithful who are now suffering, hope that calls for repentance from those who are compromising, and hope that one day God will judge evil and live among his people in a new heaven and new earth.” — J. Scott Duvall, Revelation

Lesson 1 — Introduction

Revelation has a reputation for being strange, difficult to understand, controversial, and even a little frightening.  What are we to make of heavenly creatures covered in eyes, angels who hold back the winds, a woman clothed in the sun, demonic scorpion-like locusts, a dragon and seven headed beasts who rule the world, global wars, famines, and destruction of the earth?  To name only a few.  Not to mention the scholastic arguments that have been passed down through the generations.  It often seems there is little to agree on concerning Revelation except that none of us really understand it. Continue reading “Lesson 1 — Introduction”

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